Monatsarchive: Juni 2015

Package update announcement: jumplines v0.2

The updated package jumplines (v0.2) is available now on CTAN, the impatient reader can get more information on the jumpline introduction site Happy TeXing! P.S. As soon as TeXLive 2015 is published, it will available from TL 2015 as well. … Weiterlesen

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cntperchap version 0.3 — minor improvements only

Version 0.3 of my cntperchap package is available (from here cntperchap.0.3 for the impatient ones) and on CTAN.   New features: FetchStoredCounterValue as a convenience macro for GetStoredCounterValue and consequent output of cps@@tempcounterstorage — the new macro does this in one … Weiterlesen

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