Monatsarchive: April 2017

Packages xassoccnt v1.4 and xcntperchap v0.4 are available from CTAN now.

Both xassoccnt as well as xcntperchap packages are available now on CTAN.    

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xcntperchap v0.4 published

Dear friends of nice typography, I provide an improved version of xcntperchap — (v0.4) with internal changes only, so nothing to report really. It is/will be available on CTAN TeXLive (as soon as TL 2017 will be released in June … Weiterlesen

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xassoccnt version 1.4. released.

  The new version 1.4 of the LaTeX package xassoccnt has been uploaded to CTAN and will be available soon on TeXLive (after release of TL 2017 in June 2017) and on MikTeX. For the impatient readers: Have a look … Weiterlesen

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