New version of cntperchap package available

Version 0.2 of my cntperchap package is available from here and uploaded on CTAN: cntperchap version 0.2


New features:

  • Extended the package for section or other document structuring levels (but only one per document!) This is called the tracklevel and can be changed as a package option
  • The latex standard classes article, book, report and memoir as well KOMA are supported.
  • The underlying document class is used to make a guess for the tracklevel, this can be changed with the tracklevel option
  • Shorter names for macros
  • A Fullstatistics for all registered counters throughout the document can be used.
  • Tracking can be disabled locally and enabled afterwards
  • Some verbose typeout for debugging can be used.
  • Documentation has been improved



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